DisWorld is an ambient life simulation driven by the user activity within your Discord guild. Enjoy!
To begin using DisWorld, invite it to your guild and then run d!site.
That's all you need to do to start to view the simulation!
Any channel activity that DisWorld can see will be shown on the simulation.


Where can I view the simulation?

For ease of use, DisWorld has the d!site command. Run this in your guild to be given a direct link to the simulation of your guild.
View the Simulation

Does DisWorld actually do anything in Discord?

DisWorld does nothing in Discord other than watching the activity in your guild. It sends any user status changes to the site, and all chat messages that it can see.
Additionally it also responds to a couple of commands including d!help and d!site for ease of finding all the commands and the simulation link.

Getting Started

Getting started is incredibly simple!
Invite DisWorld to your server, wait for the DisWorld simulation site to regenerate and load your server, then you can watch the simulation.

Where are all the commands?

DisWorld only have one command that you need: d!site - This provides a link to easily access the simulation homepage.
For other commands DisWorld has, please run d!help in your guild.

What channels can DisWorld see?

DisWorld is like any other user and can only see messages in channels it has the Read Messages permission in.
The bot does not ask for Administrator when you invite it, so you have full control over what messages Disworld will send to the simulation site.

Where can I get support?

If your question isn't answered on this page, and the help command hasn't helped, please use the link below to join our Discord Bot Lounge where we offer support for all our bots!

Join our Bot Lounge for Support

How can I support DisWorld?

We encourage you to share DisWorld with all your friends to help support it and all of our other bots!
Additionally if you really love DisWorld you can pledge on Patreon to help cover the costs ours bots produce.

Pledge on Patreon

Bot Info

ID: 325634360210620422
Theme Colours: #7289DA, #4a67cf
Prefix: d!
Invite Permissions: 66560
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Description: A Discord guild ambient life simulation!