A Discord guild ambient life simulation!

What is DisWorld?

DisWorld is an ambient life simulation driven by the user activity within a Discord server. Enjoy!

How do you use DisWorld?

Using DisWorld is simple, invite him to your server to get started! That's all you need to do to start to view the simulation! Add any roles to DisWorld to enable him to see other text channels and show that activity on the site also.

View the Simulation

Does DisWorld actually do anything in Discord?

DisWorld does absolutely nothing in Discord other than sit and read the chat. The messages aren't stored and are only broadcast to the site as they are sent.

Getting started?

Getting started is incredibly simple. Invite DisWorld to your server, wait for the DisWorld simulation site to regenerate and load your server, then you can watch the simulation.

Where are all the commands?

DisWorld has no commands! The bot is passive in Discord and simply monitors and relays chat.

Where can I get support?

Join our Bot Lounge for Support