HamilBot A DiscordBots.org Certified Bot
An easy to use Hamilton music streaming bot!


HamilBot provides a music streaming service of the Hamilton Soundtrack and also the Hamilton Mixtape! Enjoy!
To begin using HamilBot simply join a voice channel and run hb$summon.
For all the commands available to you, use the command hb$help.


What songs does HamilBot have?

Loaded into HamilBot are all the songs from the Hamilton Broadway Soundtrack as well as all the songs from the Hamilton Mixtape! DM HamilBot hb$info for a full list and commands to get directly to each song.

Getting Started

Getting started is easiest if you DM HamilBot hb$invite. This command will send you instructions on getting HamilBot up and running.

Where are all the commands?

Simply use the command hb$help and the bot will send you a full list of all commands.
Please be aware that many commands are restricted though to those with the Administrator permission or the "HamilBotTrusted" role.

Where can I get support?

If your question isn't answered on this page, and the help command hasn't helped, please use the link below to join our Discord Bot Lounge where we offer support for all our bots!

Join our Bot Lounge for Support

How can I support HamilBot?

We encourage you to share HamilBot with all your friends to help support it and all of our other bots!
Additionally if you really love HamilBot you can pledge on Patreon to help cover the costs ours bots produce.

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Bot Info

ID: 290208872008777729
Avatar: https://botz.mattcowley.co.uk/hamilbot/img
Prefix: hb$
Invite Permissions: 103828480
Discord Library: discord.py
Invite Link: https://botz.mattcowley.co.uk/hamilbot/invite
Support Link: https://botz.mattcowley.co.uk/hamilbot/support