A simple musical streaming bot!

What is MusicalBot?

MusicalBot provides a music streaming service of many musicals! Enjoy!

How do you use MusicalBot?

Using MusicalBot is simple, invite her to your server to get started! Then either have the Administator permission or a role named 'MusicalBotTrusted', join a voice channel and run mb$summon. MusicalBot will instantly begin playing a random song from a random musical for you!

What songs does MusicalBot have?

MusicalBot has many many songs loaded. We have a long list of musicals ready to play, please use the command mb$info for a full list of all the musicals. Want a musical we don't yet have? Join the lounge and message us!

Getting started?

Getting started is easiest if you DM MusicalBot mb$invite. This command will send you instructions on getting MusicalBot up and running.

Where are all the commands?

Simply use the command mb$help and the bot will send you a full list of all commands.
Please be aware that many commands are restricted though to those with the Administrator permission or the MusicalBotTrusted role.

Where can I get support?

Join our Bot Lounge for Support