A small bot to provide exclusive features to Nitro users in your server.

What is NitroBot?

NitroBot is a small bot that allows you to give a custom role to users with Nitro, enabling them to see Nitro only channels etc.

How do you use NitroBot?

To get NitroBot up and running, add the bot to your server and then use the n!configure command to get started.

How does NitroBot verify Nitro?

When a user joins the server or has a profile update the bot will check if they have an animated profile picture. If an animated profile picture is found it is assumed the user has Nitro and is automatically given the role.
The n!nitro command works differently and requires the user to react using a custom server emoji in a DM. This checks that the user has Nitro as only Nitro users can use custom emotes via DM.

Getting started?

Getting started is incredibly simple. Invite NitroBot to your server and then use the n!configure command to get the bot configured for your server.

What commands are there?

Beyond the admin only configure command, users have access to the n!nitro command which allows them to validate their Nitro status to gain the role. Other utility commands are available and can be seen using n!help.

Where can I get support?

Join our Bot Lounge for Support