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A utility bot providing autoroles, vote channels and much more for your guild.

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Restarter is a simple utility bot providing autorole, role aliases, voting, name cleaning and more.
The bot was originally created for the Rythm Bot discord guild, now public.
It provides autoroles (roles on user join) as well as custom commands to gain/remove roles.
Restarter also provides a custom vote channels feature where users can vote on a post via reactions alongside an new account notification feature and a nick/username cleaning function.


How do you use Restarter?

Using Restarter is simple, invite it to your guild to get begin!
Once the bot is in your guild use the command to see all available commands.
For more information about a command, you can use [command].
If you are still stuck on how to use a command, we suggest reading the FAQ linked at the top.

Getting Started

To get started with Restarter, we suggesting setting up the new notify feature. To do this run the following command r.newnotify myChannelID where myChannelID is the full ID of the channel you wish to use for the new notify log.
For further features and commands to get them setup, use the command.

Where are all the commands?

To view all the commands Restarter has you can simply run
This will show you every command you have permission to use in the current context.

Where can I get support?

If your question isn't answered on this page, and the help command hasn't helped, please use the link below to join our Discord Bot Lounge where we offer support for all our bots!

Join our Bot Lounge for Support

How can I support Restarter?

We encourage you to share Restarter with all your friends to help support it and all of our other bots!
Additionally if you really love Restarter you can pledge on Patreon to help cover the costs ours bots produce.

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Bot Info

ID: 277144710454444032
Theme Colours: #ED5565, #DA4453
Prefix: r.
Invite Permissions: 402771150
Discord Library:
Invite Link:
Support Link:
Description: A utility bot providing autoroles, vote channels and much more for your guild.

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