A utility bot providing autoroles, role commands, vote channels and alt alerts for your server.

What is Restarter?

Restarter is a simple utility bot originally created for the Rythm discord server, now public. The bot provides autoroles (roles on user join) as well as custom commands to gain/remove roles. The bot also provides a custom vote channels feature where users can vote on a post via reactions alongside an alt alert feature and a decancer nick/username function.

How do you use Restarter?

Using Restarter is simple, invite it to your server to get begin! Once the bot is in your server use the r.adminhelp command to see all the admin commands. For adding roles to either autorole or role commands, you must use the ID. You can search roles and get their IDs using the r.findrole [role_name] command.

Getting started?

Getting started is incredibly simple. Add Restarter to your server an then use the r.adminhelp command to view all the admin configuration commands. All other commands are listed at

Where are all the commands?

To view all the commands you can simply run This will show all standard commands you have access to. For the configuration commands you will need to use r.adminhelp.

Where can I get support?

Join our Bot Lounge for Support