Restarter (v2) is a Discord server utility bot that provides quite a few great tools for server owners and administrators to make their time managing their server easier. It features useful information commands about emoji, channels, users and so on. Additionally, it provides a reasonably unique-ish feature of alerting staff to new accounts recently created on Discord that have joined their server and provides quick moderation actions for those users on the alerts, useful for raids. Further, the bot also provides great name cleaning features including the "decancer" module which ensures all members names are ascii only and the "dehoist" module which aims to stop users hoisting their names in the members list. Both of those name cleaning modules provide manual commands and automatic cleaning. Restarter also provides a great user role suite for managing roles that users have access too. There are auto roles which are roles given to users when they join (with an optional delay), role commands which allow users to give themselves roles via command and react roles which allow users to give themselves roles by acting on messages. There is also a great vote channels feature built into Restarter which allows staff to set up channels where users in the server can up/down vote any messages sent to the channel. Additionally, Restarter has some basic moderation built in to easily manage the users on the server and a very in-depth server log feature which logs almost all events that occur on the server.

What a massive wall of text that is! Restarter really does do quite a bit:
  • Role Management: Control how your users get roles; Automatically when they join, through commands they type or reacting on a message!
  • Name Cleaning: Keep your members’ names clean, easy to read and ordered in your server’s member list making life easier for everyone.
  • Vote Channels: Allow your server members to vote on messages sent to channels within your server. Find out what they like and dislike!
  • Moderation: Keep track of what happens on your server with the server logging, or moderate your server with warn, mute, kick and ban to keep your members under control.


How do you use Restarter?

Using Restarter is simple, invite it to your Discord server to get begin!
Once the bot is in your server use the command to see all available commands.
For more information about a command, you can use [command].
If you want to view all commands in a category, you can also use [category].

Getting Started

To get started with Restarter, we suggesting setting up the server log feature. To do this run the following command r.serverlog enable #channel where #channel is the channel you want the server log to go into.
By default some forms of moderation are enabled. This includes the anti Discord server links feature which can be disabled with r.antiad disable if you would prefer.
For further features and commands to get them setup, use the command.

Where are all the commands?

To view all the commands Restarter has you can simply run
This will show you every command you have permission to use in the current context.

Where can I get support?

If your question isn't answered on this page, and the help command hasn't helped, please use the link below to join our Discord Bot Lounge where we offer support for all our bots!

Join our Bot Lounge for Support

How can I support Restarter v2?

We encourage you to share Restarter v2 with all your friends to help support it and all of our other bots!
Additionally if you really love Restarter v2 you can pledge on Patreon to help cover the costs ours bots produce.

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Bot Info

ID: 438978127973318656
Theme Colours: #ED5565, #DA4453
Prefix: r. (Can be customised)
Invite Permissions: 432401662
Discord Library:
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Support Link:
Description: Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.